Corporate Communication

… “The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug”

Corporate Communication – the voice of an organization.

It is more than public relations, emails blasts, and internal announcements. It is about engaging your target audience and making them care – about your product, your service, your brand, or your organization.

Corporate communication streamlines across all internal division and positively represents your company’s brand strategy externally – to suppliers, vendors, customers, the public, and the media. In today’s digital age with online engagement, social media, and instant global news reporting – corporate reputation is hard won and easily lost. Words and actions must align to deliver a clear, concise and distinct voice while providing a consistent message.

Corporate Communication is a strategic business tool, and our real world experience gives your business a competitive advantage in achieving its goals with reputation management, positioning your executives or company as an industry leader, communicating effectively with key customers, and managing stakeholder expectations.

Whether it’s website content, blog posts, tweets, press releases or emails – our four-phase CoMarket + CoCreate process allows us to help you develop a solid communication plan and key messages to varied audiences – a strategy that is fundamental to any company’s success.

Corporate Communications CapabilitiesWe provide extensive corporate services across a broad array of business initiatives to ensure your business’ success including:

  • Campaign Development
  • Corporate Writing/Editing/Positioning
  • Email Marketing
  • Event Management
  • Internal/External Messaging
  • Media/Public Relations
  • Publication Management