Do you have a brand integration strategy?

Mergers & acquisitions – they’re a core component of most portfolio company growth strategies. A recent study by Deloitte* showed that over 76% of senior executives at private equity firms plan on seeing an increase in deals over the next 12 months.

Those same executives rate effective brand integration as one of the top 3 factors driving ROI on their deals.

But did you know that the most commonly missed step of the M&A planning process is implementing a formal brand integration strategy to successfully align your organization and tell your new brand story to potential consumers?

Through our Brand Integration Toolkit, CompleteSpectrum can help you define and align your brands to generate revenue growth and increased value for your business.

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Brand Integration Toolkit

Our brand integration toolkit provides everything you need to effectively integrate your acquisitions and position them for success. It features a customizable menu of deliverables and can be tailored to your specific needs and timeline. Simply select from the following options to build the best brand integration toolkit for your organization.

Market Research

Gain market insights into your brand, products, and services.

Brand Architecture

Build the right structure to support your brand and growth goals.


Identify what sets you apart and makes your business matter to your customers, employees, and partners.

Brand Name

Create a brand name that represents your business and positions it for growth.

Brand Logo

Develop a logo that’s creates excitement for your brand and appeals to your target audiences.

Tag Line

Communicate your value proposition in a concise and memorable manner.

Visual Identity

Design the look & feel of your brand, from the colors to the fonts, photos, and graphical elements that help your brand stand out.

Go-TO-Market Plan

Launch your brand to your customers, prospects, employees and partners with confidence.


Secure your brand identity and protect it from infringement.

Media Kit

Promote the announcement and launch of your brand across key media channels.

Brand Collateral

Bring your brand to life across the most frequently used documents in your organization.

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Ask about our 30-day “fast track” process to develop the core elements for your new brand.

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