Crafting a New Identity after 65 Years in Business

Global manufacturer with successful product brands in various verticals needed a singular corporate identity and story to glue it all together. Partnering with CompleteSpectrum, the company discovered that in addressing critical marketing strategy discord, they were best positioned to drive profit, increase return on investment in acquisitions and effectively communicate their value to both financial and customer marketplaces.

Developing a Cohesive Brand that Communicates Leadership and Depth of Holdings

A&A Manufacturing Company was a leading designer and global manufacturer of highly engineered and customized protective systems, such as accordion bellows and way covers, which are used to safeguard components, equipment, and people. End markets included mobile equipment, automation, machine tools, transportation and medical equipment.

The company had successfully grown market share and over time acquired other product lines with established market presence and brand recognition.

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Confronting Challenges

A&A Manufacturing’s leadership was struggling to present the wide array of products and brands under the A&A umbrella to the financial marketplace. There was clear value in each of the smaller product brands, but no cohesive message around how they all fit together.

The A&A brand itself had no real market presence and did not serve to unite the product brands under a single entity.

Additional challenges included:

  • All marketing efforts were tied to product brands alone – the organization had no strategy in place for segmentation of product by industry, target audience or application.
  • Multiple, recent acquisitions had further complicated matters by introducing seemingly unrelated products and services.
  • International presence of A&A was not being effectively communicated.

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Securing a Trusted Partnership

A&A Manufacturing knew they needed the support of a partner that was able to quickly assess the situation, provide leadership and assistance in analyzing and defining needs, and deliver an actionable plan.

Through targeted roundtable sessions, presentations and meetings, A&A leadership with our strategic team developed a strategy for solving brand challenges and defining a new identity for the company moving forward, aligned with growth strategy.

Strategic Approach leads to Unique Solutions

The project began with Phase One and Two of our exclusive CoMarket process, with an extensive series of branding initiatives, including a branding roundtable session marked by insightful collaboration and research. Through competitive analysis and existing brand position analysis, detailed information was gathered to appropriately address the mission of A&A’s leadership team.

This output included developing a new brand mark and positioning statement addressing their need to replace the A&A name and brand mark with something more descriptive, clean and visual- and one that clearly communicated their value to the financial marketplace.

New Brand

The process led to a significant transformation of the corporate brand and logo. The new identity had to satisfy all of the existing expectations of what the original mark stood for while simultaneously moving the brand forward.

dynatect logo

New Brand Positioning Statement: The Global Leaders in Dynamic Protection for Equipment & People

Product Segmentation and Positioning

With this new presentation, Dynatect continued to honor the perception of their established, trusted product lines but presented them in a more comprehensive manner. The products were now categorized, not by brand, but by protective function.


Market Segmentation and Positioning

With a clearly focused presentation of product offerings, Dynatect was better positioned to target market segments and present a comprehensive solution to these end markets. This enabled the management team to better plan for, target and pursue revenue goals tied to these key growth initiatives.


New Brand and Identity Launch

With a trusted partner in place, A&A Manufacturing proceeded with implementation of their marketing strategy by utilizing our CoCreate process.

CoCreate Marketing Services included:

  • Branding & Identity
  • Corporate Communications
  • Creative Design
  • Web Design/Digital Strategy

Our partnership allowed us to develop all facets of Dynatect’s marketing strategy including updated collateral, website design and development, as well as corporate communication strategies. In addition, a clear picture was developed of product segments that could be presented to the marketplace moving forward.

“Our new brand strategy offers a clearer business offering to our customers,” said Dynatect President Tony Cavalco. “We have seen significant growth through new product development and acquisitions over the last 4 years. We were clearly doing something right. Our new marketing plan can better identify what underpins this success and optimistically drive more. We are confident we can maintain quality and innovation as we combine our capabilities into a single, unified organization which will concentrate on increased sales into targeted industries.”

Ongoing Strategic Partnership

Following the initial brand launch, we continued to work with the Dynatect team to deliver on ROI. Our strategic team remains fully engaged with Dynatect in helping to drive ROI via dedicated Search Engine Optimization and Online marketing campaigns.

The website was rebuilt using a responsive design in order to provide legibility and ease in navigation on any size device. In addition, this best practice web design is instrumental in supporting the overall search engine optimization strategy. Through strategic SEO planning and optimization, we were able to successfully drive Dynatect’s key target audience to their website. Our ongoing partnership includes a successful SEO, PPC, and analytics campaign, which deliver a stronger web presence among top search engines. We focus on top ranking keywords relevant to their business objectives and highly focused ad development for a positive ROI, which includes higher click-through rates and better quality scores.

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Outcome / Conclusion

After launching the new brand and identity at their industry’s largest annual tradeshow, the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS), Dynatect received a lot of positive attention- both in the trade press and from the financial community.

The new brand provided a stronger unified brand presence, addressed the company’s value propositions and strengths, increased perceived corporate value and better communicated product positioning.

Demonstrating their clear product segmentation, value proposition and differentiation from competitors, Dynatect soon announced that it was acquired by private-equity firm 3i Group, Plc.

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