SEO/SEM Marketing Program

Why have a great looking website if it isn’t being found by your target customers? Having a Search Engine Optimized (SEO) website infrastructure that is search-engine friendly is important for not only search engines’ continued commitment to improving their algorithms, but for the success and growth of your business as well. By implementing SEO and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies, you are better able to position your company to turn visitors into clients or customers.

Our Approach

Getting your website found online is a big part of the strategies we help develop and implement. Because Google controls about 70% of the search market share, our team works extremely hard to maintain the qualifications to be a certified Google Partner.

By integrating innovative and current best practice techniques, we are able to optimize your visitors’ viewing experience, increase your organic search ranking, and implement other SEM strategies (such as pay-per-click advertising) to gain more traction via search engines.

Our Efforts Include

  • Audit of Existing SEO/SEM Strategy
  • Google Analytics Configuration, Set-up and Review (Certified Google Partner)
  • Existing Backlink Evaluation and Cleanup
  • Establish Measurable Goals
  • Content Campaign Development for SEO Optimization
  • Development and Execution of PPC Campaign
  • Monthly Maintenance, Monitoring, and Landing Page Optimization and Analytics

How We Do It

We build SEO/SEM strategies specific to your business objectives – helping you improve your organic rankings, increase traffic to your website, and convert your visitors into sales. To build an effective SEO strategy, our award-winning creative team takes a strategic, multilayered approach.

This includes technical pieces of your website’s set up and functionality as well as more targeted approaches around audience and creative elements. What is the end result? A website that is easily found, informational, relevant, and provides value to your customers or clients.

How to Get Started

By partnering with Complete Spectrum, your SEO/SEM efforts become transformed into integral marketing tools.

Start with a roundtable session to help you determine your SEO/SEM needs, goals and objectives.

For more information on how Complete Spectrum can help with your website needs, contact:

Phone: 813.907.2150